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Opportunity on 1st Ave…

For me along with starting a blog this year to document my creative crazy world, I also set the resolution of starting a business. Well, I stumbled upon the perfect opportunity…the best of all worlds…a God-given blessing…something where I could still be at home with my little one, set my own hours, AND it is doing what I enjoy!img_6386

A local store that I happened to stop into one Saturday morning (doing a reconnaissance mission for what I thought would be a “competitor” in town for what I wanted my business to be) turned into being the place I work today. There was a sign—NO REALLY—there was a sign –>

It seemed as though it was written for me. While there on my reconnaissance mission, which took on a whole new meaning once I read the sign, I had a quick 10 minute Q&A session with the owner and by the middle of the conversation I was ready to bounce out of my skin with excitement… I had all I could do not to reach out and hug her! But somehow I was able to keep my composure until I reached the car where my husband was waiting for me. I must of been wearing a grin that even out shined the sun as I sat in the front seat, I took a deep breath and then instantly turned to my husband and said “well…I think this place will be perfect” —and the next 15 minutes was nothing but continual word vomit as I continued to spill everything I had just learned, saw, and what I wanted to do.  Poor guy just sat there stuck in the car, driving while I unloaded my pent up excitement on him.  It will be one of those moments in my life though I will be able remember in grave detail where I was at and how I felt at that very moment.

I now rent a section of their retail space that I can sell my product from. I quickly changed my mind about craft fairs that require long days on summer weekends, weather permitting circumstances, set up and tear down daily, and uncertain sales. If all goes well there shouldn’t be any need to do both.  Although sales may still be uncertain, as they would in any retail setting, I feel I have a better opportunity with my home decor items to sell in a home furnishing retail store.

The first week was rather stressful since it all came on rather quickly.  I thought I was going to have until at least spring to gather, prepare, and make what I was going to have for the craft fairs but within a week I was able to scrounge up plenty of home décor items, make the items I wanted to make, and refinish a few furniture pieces that filled my 6′ x 8.5’space.

After the first week of sales I realized it was going to be a continual process of adding products, searching for new ‘treasures’, and making more of the items that sold.   Turns out…I love the hunt for new “treasures” and seeing what others don’t in an item that is run down, damaged, and had a long life.  Making that item NEW again is a rewarding challenge and offers a great before and after!  Stay tuned for some before and afters of refurbished items in my next post!

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