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What’s for Dinner?

Besides refurbishing and making wood products for my work space, I still have projects for my home as well… A menu board in a dining room is a simple project that can make dinner guests excited about “What’s for dinner”. A fun customizable board with dinner deliciously described in words can make anyone’s mouth water even before the aroma from the oven fills guest noses.

For my menu board I used a cabinet door.  I have a bunch of damaged/mis-ordered cabinet doors from my previous job of being a cabinet designer—there always seems to be a use for them!  I took the cabinet door and chalkboard spray paint…one-ish hour later…BOOM…Menu Board.  So simple yet it adds just a touch of character that works perfect in a dining room. AND it can be personalized however you like for any occasion.

Since the sub-category of this post is food…why not include one of my Grandma’s recipes! Since it is officially spring and I am planning my one-year-old’s birthday party I thought it appropriate to include my grandmas brownie and frosting recipe.  I have inherited her cookbook which is a collection of recipes that are twice as old as I am (as you can see from the “Happy Birthday Cake” recipe from a newspaper clipping from December of 1953). There are loose clippings of recipes, ones that have been taped in, ones that have been wrote in to the book, some that have been flagged “GOOD” which means it was made many times, and some that have so many stains on them they are barely legible but probably the best of all!  ENJOY!

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