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So what did these doors turn into…

Two of these fantastic old doors have turned into Hall Trees with Benches and another is going to be turned into a Hall Tree with Console Table. (Much like the inspiration picture at the bottom) It is in the works, but a couple of other custom jobs are going to take priority first in the next month!  These items seem to be a very popular item, as soon as I put them in the store they go out the door.  Now if only I could keep up with the demand, but I have to work at my own pace (or at least that is what I have to keep telling myself!)

So far I have gathered 5 doors from around the community.  They are all out of old homes that were renovated but have been stored for some time in either a garage or barn. So it takes a little extra work sometimes to get the door ready to be put back into a house.  For the Hall Tree with Console table I am going to use old desk legs.  This desk I picked up for $5, wasn’t sturdy enough any more to be used as a desk, so I scrapped it for parts!  Repurposing at its finest!

For each project it takes time to build the bench, sand the door of 50 years of dirt, stain the bench top and shelf, paint, and assemble…especially when I have a busy boy running around.  My little Minion isn’t old enough yet to operate any tools (although he is fascinated with them) and doesn’t have the attention span to even help me hold something in place.  He usually just “supervises” and builds stuff with my scrap wood (and by build I mean ‘carry around and bang things’).  But even with distractions, each project I get a little faster.

In the near future I may also be turning one into a shelving unit or possibly a coffee table to do something different and unique.  But I really like how the Hall Tree with Bench turns out, so I will keep you posted…

What do you think is the better use for these fantastic doors?

  1. Hall Tree with Bench
  2. Hall Tree with Console Table
  3. Shelving Unit
  4. Coffee Table

Door Options

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