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Biggest Transformations Yet…

Sorry it has been a while, but it seemed nice weather hit and life got busy!  So besides 2 out of state graduations to attend, 3 fun filled weekends of visitors, I have been also been working on projects but just haven’t posted about them.

What I wanted to share with you today are some of my biggest project transformations yet.  Three project come to mind…

  1. Red Chair
  2. Secretary Desk Organizer
  3. Custom Console Table

The Red Chair started off as a thrift store find for $9.  The ancient fabric was literally rotting off of the chair with rips in a few places.  With little effort at all, a soft tug and the chair skirting came right off (seriously my 1 year old could of pulled off the skirting, it was that easy). But I already knew I was going to have to break out my upholstery skills for this one and was going to change the fabric anyway (look at it…wouldn’t you!?).  With a lot of elbow grease, some paint, and fun fabric this petite size chair turned into more modern version of itself again.

The secretary desk top was missing it fold down door and was in pretty rough shape, but after filling the old hinge holds for the door and sanding the desk insert was ready for paint.  I added a little more charm with a dual color paint job and some bling hardware.  The end result was a simple, functioning desk organizer.

Along with refurbishing existing furniture lately I have been asked to do custom built furniture as well.  This console table I was asked to do for someone based off of a table I have sitting in my booth at work.  The base was the same but she wanted to make some changes with adding a bead-board back as well as a mirror inserted into the top (two things I had yet to work with)  So I accepted the challenge…and a challenge it was.  Not sure I will ever try to cut my own mirror again!  I had an old mirror I was going to use for this project but I had to cut it down to fit the size table she was looking for.  It was a cheap mirror I had gotten from Walmart years ago when I was still in college.  Well let’s just say that ended up being a ‘practice one’. After purchasing another mirror from

Console Table - Crack
Hard to see the finishing nail but pretty easy to see the damage it did!

Walmart, that one worked!  Pretty excited, I was finishing the piece and was down to nailing the trim pieces in that was to hold the mirror in place…two nails left to go and I ‘nicked’ the edge of the mirror sending 3 little runners that would eventually pop and the mirror would be in pieces.  Needless to say I was pretty upset with myself and in a panic since my deadline was FAST approaching.

The third time is the charm right!…I got smart and had a local glass company cut a better quality mirror for me that was perfect dimensions (and not as expensive as I thought it would be). In the end the result turned out pretty awesome and something I was proud of!

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