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Back Burner Projects…

I am sure we have all had that one project (or two) that takes longer than it should.  How is it that my own personal projects seem to take the back burner even though I can get projects done on a weekly basis for the store?

Hutch-BeforeThe perfect example is my china hutch.  I purchased the hutch back in March (it’s NOVEMBER!), started painting about a month later, and has sat in the middle of my dining room waiting for one more coat of paint and a rub down of wax for at least two months.

On a whim last week I finished the hutch, which only took about 2 hours = one nap time…so why did it take me two months you ask? Ugh! All I can say is…toddler in the house!  Usually my valuable nap time is used to catch up on work projects. But sometimes there just comes a point where I can’t take it anymore. So FINALLY I get my own projects done and now my grandma’s china has a safe home and is on display so I get to enjoy the china daily instead of just on special occasions.

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