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The stockings were hung…

If only I knew making Christmas Stockings were so easy, I would have quit the search for the perfect stockings years ago and just made my own.  I found an easy tutorial from a Pinterest link to where she adapted a pattern for a Christmas stocking.  Here is my successful attempt at making stockings for my entire family.

Here is what you need to begin:

  • ½ yard of patterned fabric of choice
  • ½ yard of coordinating lining fabric
  • 4 ½” x16” piece of polar fleece fabric or felt for the cuff (or fur if that’s what you want)
  • 3” x 7” piece of pattern fabric (same as stocking)
  • ½ yard of Ribbon, pom-pom trim, etc. of choosing

After printing the stocking_pattern, it turns out cutting out the fabric and lining took the longest.  After cutting out the pieces which included 2 pieces of patterned fabric, 2 pieces of lining, 1 piece of fleece, 1 piece for the hanger, sewing everything together went pretty quick.

  • Sew patterned fabric right sides together for the stocking
  • Sew lining fabric right sides together for the inner stocking.
  • IMG_9961Sew the small 3” x 7” piece of patterned fabric right sides together along the 7” length to create a ‘tube’ for the hanger. Turn the piece right side out with a safety pin and iron flat. (You can skip this step if you want to use coordinating ribbon for the hanger instead. Just cut a piece 6-7” long)
  • Sew the fleece into a ‘ring’ on the short 4 ½” ends. Turn so seam is turned into the ‘ring’ when finished.


Now to assemble the stockings (get ready…don’t blink it goes that fast!)

  • Make small clips ½”-1” apart around the toe and heel.  It helps to make the seam lay flatter in the curves. Then turn the stocking right side out and iron the seams flat.
  • Iron lining as well but keep right sides together.


  • Insert the lining into the patterned stocking.

[TIP: I found it easiest to insert my entire arm/hand down to the toe of the lining and then bring the patterned fabric over the lining, like stuffing a pillow.]

  • Once the two pieces are fitted together, take the hanger strip of fabric (or ribbon if you so choose), fold in half with seam to the inside, place the loop towards the toe of the stocking and pin along the back seam of the stocking.


  • Next take the ‘ring’ of fleece fabric and insert the ring along the top of the stocking. Pin ring in place.

[NOTE: I made sure to line everything up with the top of the patterned stocking because the lining stuck out further than the rest.]


  • Sew all layers together.
  • Trim any excess fabric.
  • Turn the cuff out.
  • You can add decorative ribbon or pom pom trim to the bottom edge of the cuff using glue and you are DONE!

**It takes longer to read the instructions than it does to put it all together…I promise! And after making 10 of them, like me, it goes even faster!

Good luck with making your own stockings…I’ll leave you with this goof ball who was ‘helping’ me with the stockings by double checking my measurements.


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