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ALL about Christmas…decor!

As promised, here are few more fun décor items that I made for Christmas at the store this year…It took me a while to feel caught up to Christmas but I think I made it now that it is only a week away…haha!

STOCKING HOLDERS…I made some have fun sayings and simple wood knobs for hangers and some that hold 4×6 pictures of the stocking recipient.  I find it to be a simple way to always keep it personal from year to year by being able to update the photos to a more current picture.  AND not only did I make a set of 4 that can be hung together, I also made individual ones so that if the family grows it is easy to ad in additional “members” without them feeling like they were an oops or having to buy an entirely new hanging system.


Christmas-Stocking PostChristmas-Stocking Post2


This was one of my favorite Christmas décor items that I made this year. Not only were the stocking posts simple to make, they solved a problem that I have in my own house.  Without a fireplace mantle to hang stockings from I found I hung our stockings on my floating shelves which didn’t really keep the stockings hung together and they just looked out of place.  I would also use those wonderful counter-balanced weights with a hook that can only handle so much weight.  At this point in our family it really didn’t matter since stockings were still merely decorative, but that will soon be changing as kids get older and expecting those stockings to be loaded down Christmas morning.  The stocking post solved all those problems for me AND can serve another purpose in the ‘off season’ as a coat rack for kids or when additional company comes over.


Christmas-Card Holder






CARD HOLDER…Are simple way to display all of the Holiday cards that arrive by the handful daily this time of year.  The nice part about the one I made is it is neutral and doesn’t just have to be used at Christmas; it can be used all year round!





SMALL WOOD DÉCOR…and few simple wood pieces that add a touch of festive flair to a mantle, table or wall in any home, as well as a few stockings that I have made this season (see previous post: The Stockings Were Hung… here.)


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