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New Year…New Goals

Looking back at 2017, I accomplished a lot of projects, most of them for the store and for customers.  Now 2018 is here, a new addition coming in April and a house that I have BIG VISIONS for but have yet to accomplish many of them.  I think its because I find it is easier to work on projects that make money instead of personal house projects that cost money…(that and I just started at the store and wasn’t sure how things were going to go and wanted to make the best of it, but I digress.) So my focus this year is going to be more on personal house projects! On my list of things I would like to accomplish around the house is:

  1. Transfer one guest room into the new nursery. This would require adding accent paint color, building shelves, painting dresser (have been meaning to do that since my first child was born, haven’t yet), moving crib and decorate!
  2. Upgrade my son’s nursery into a ‘Big Boy’ room. Which means getting a new bed and making a new head-board and foot-board (because why buy it when you can build it, right!?), painting dresser, adding a fun play space, and rearranging the room to make it all fit.
  3. Integrate a custom built in Murphy Bed System in the basement family room to make up for the guest room space we would be losing to the new nursery.
  4. Paint basement Family Room and arrange the space better…including building a new feature wall and entertainment center.
  5. Create better guest room in the basement. Mainly update the furniture, find/build nightstands, paint color, and artwork! No big deal, right!?
  6. Paint all doors and closet bi-folds to match the white trim in the house. Doors are a pain to paint especially when you have to do 5 coats of paint to cover what was there before.  So my plan is to take all the doors out of the house, lay them in our yard and rent a paint sprayer so the job goes faster, and so I don’t lose my sanity over painting louvered doors. Wonder what the neighbors will think…?
  7. Make round upholstered ottoman (a.k.a. toddlers jungle gym) for main family room.
  8. Finally find stacked stone material and install in the main family room behind our existing entertainment center. It was always my intention when I built my floating shelves but gave up on trying to find a material in a color I liked, product that is easy to install, and was friendly to the budget. The mission continues…


  1. Paint front sitting room (?)
  2. Paint hallway trim
  3. Install better closet organization systems in coat closet, kid’s rooms, and storage room. (I know one person in particular that will be more than excited to help with this!)
  4. Update my 90’s metal, not child safe railing to something more my taste and fitting for our home.

Like I said…BIG VISION…for our house.  Now just to find the time to make the time and accomplish all these goals…along with projects for the store, a new baby AND a toddler in the house.  It’s going to be a busy year so stay tuned to see what all I can get done!

Happy New Year,


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