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Design and Function…Toy Bin Tutorial

Since my child is only coming up on 2 years old, I felt this last Christmas I could get away with giving him more functional gifts than unnecessary abundance of toys (especially since he has PLENTY)…Because he has so many is the reason for this tutorial on how to build toy bins anyway.


The baskets (bins) that we were using worked when the toys were smaller but it seems the bigger the kid, the bigger the toys…so many of the toys didn’t fit and there were so many they all didn’t fit anyway.  So I made it my mission to build better functioning toy bins that also fit into my family room décor and don’t scream “TOY CORNER HERE>>”.

My requirements for this project:

  1. Strong material (wood)
  2. Large enough for all toys
  3. Easy to use for child/toddler
  4. Designed for room decor in mind

For my space I wanted/needed 2 toy bins.  I made them 30” wide, 12-1/2” deep, 16-1/2” high.

Materials needed for the job:

  1. 2 – 16” x 96” edge glued wood board
  2. 1 – 1×12 board
  3. 8 – 1-1/4” Swivel bearing caster wheels on metal plates
  4. Kreg Jig with 1-1/4” pocket hole screws
  5. Paint/Stain for finishing
  6. Hardware Pulls (optional)

Cut Sheet: (for 2 toy bins)

  • 4 – 16” board @ 30”
  • 4 – 16” board @ 11-1/4” (measure your 1×12 lumber and cut to the same width. Can be a difference in width)
  • 2 – 1×12 @ 28-1/2”

Take note in the picture of the quantities listed as well as location of Kreg Jig pocket holes…


After pocket holes are drilled, sand all surfaces smooth.

For my bins I stained the boards before assembling.  Once it was assembled I choose a design and paint colors to finish off the bins to give a more ‘finished’ look and help fit in the rest of the design of my family room.

To assemble, attach sides to the face and back of the toy bin. (Take note: Child is NOT required for this part…haha! He was clearly testing the strength of the bins to make sure it could support the weight of his toys.)

Then when the toy bin is on its side, insert the bottom.

TIP: I recessed the bottom slightly to conceal the wheels and give a cleaner look.


Once the bottom is in place, attach wheels in each corner.

Finish with desired paint color in a design you would like.  In my family room space I have other chevron type arrows, so I picked a design that carried that aspect through the room.

Add hardware pulls to the toy bins if you so choose.  I did not add hardware because I didn’t feel it was necessary for the location they were in.

Repeat steps for each bin.

The end result….Design and Function!


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