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Multi-Functional Kid’s Table…

Besides the Toy Bins another Christmas ‘gift’ my toddler received was a kid’s play table.  I searched Pinterest for ideas and narrowed it down to 3 table options, all of which had features I liked but not all in the same table.  So since I was making the table anyway I thought I might as well build it the way I want and the way I think my toddler would use it best.  In the end I combined a standard table, train/block storage table, and a chalk board drawing surface.  And if that wasn’t enough I also made benches that had storage in them for things like coloring books, reading books, paint supplies, PlayDoh or small toys.

At first glance, the standard table looks just like any kids activity table providing a great surface for art, coloring, painting, PlayDoh, etc. but I fitted the top with lock down latches that release the top to reveal a chalkboard surface on the back for even more creative play…AND the best part hidden under the top, a block building area.  A slightly recessed area to help keep the blocks, Legos, trains, cars, etc. on the table and off the floor (doesn’t always work, but I have to believe it alleviates most of the toys from ending up on the floor!)

My kid loves having a table his size and that is just for him.  I see hours and hours spent at his table doing fun activities, which means a little extra peace of mind for mom.

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