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Let’s recap for a second on what the “BIG Basement Project” is exactly…in my New Year, New Goals post I had many of this year’s resolutions listed that I wanted to do.  Two of them were:

  • Integrate a custom built in Murphy Bed System in the basement family room to make up for the guest room space we would be losing to the new nursery.
  • Paint basement Family Room and arrange the space better…including building a new feature wall and entertainment center.

Since both of these are in the same space its best to work on them at the same time.  BUT this is a HUGE project…and nothing happens “HGTV fast” where you have a completely new staged home in 30 minutes or less, so I will be breaking down everything into phases.

Phase 1 of my BIG Basement Project was to clear out the family room of excess furniture, push furniture to the center of the room and paint the walls.  It is a simple step and best to have done before the bigger projects start.

iPhone Photos 2-2-2018 2256

This space before was a brown dungeon of darkness.  The room consisted of two different shades of tan/brown on opposite sides of the room.  It might have worked for the previous owners but not for this girl.  The space is plenty big and had enough going on; it could use some uniformity in the wall color selection.  And since it is a basement there are no windows to add natural light to the space, the dark colors made it seem even more like a basement.  I wanted to lighten the room’s wall color and make it feel like the rest of the house.  I used Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray.  It is a light warm gray color that works well with everything in my house, which is why it is in so many rooms.

It still amazes me the difference paint can make in a space.  The lighter paint added brightness to the space and is a clear canvas to let the new features I will be adding to the space ‘pop’!

Phase 1 completed…NEXT some character is going to be added with a wood feature wall. Stay tuned!



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