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The Great Wall…of Entertainment!

Phase 2 of my BIG Basement Project is to add some much needed character to the space.  Since this is a basement with no windows (other than the small transom window in the corner that got covered up by the deck when it was installed…ugh!) and low ceilings, just 3 HUGE walls of nothing…no colorful, textured curtains to frame out windows, no vaulted ceilings to add height or grand-ness, and no architectural character what so ever to add any interest.


I had designed the wall to be 60” wide to match the entertainment center width and to have the boards run vertical to add visual height to the space.  It would also protrude out from the wall about 1-1/2”.


With the help my good friend, we started install by measuring out placement, found studs, cut the support boards, and put up 4 horizontal cross supports that were anchored into the studs.  This gave us something to anchor the vertical boards to.  Since the boards were running vertical we wouldn’t of hit studs every time so the cross supports gave us something substantial to anchor in to.  It also added depth to the wall which I wanted.


After the supports were in place and anchored we started air nailing the stained vertical boards into place, starting at one end and working to the other.  Once all the boards were in place we capped off the exposed ends with a 1×2 board cut to length.  It was flush with the front of the boards and covered up the raw exposed ends of the support boards.

The end result…a beautiful accent wall that adds a bunch of character to a room that only has 4 large, plain walls. Also helps visually anchor the entertainment center on the wall don’t you think??


Details to come on how I built the entertainment center…

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