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PHASE 3….Entertainment Center

There are so many different options for entertainment centers out there I had to think of what I was really looking for before scouring Pinterest for ideas.  To narrow the search I knew somethings I wanted were:

  • An entertainment center large enough to hold a 42” TV because I did not want to mount it to the newly installed accent wall.
  • Sliding barn door to conceal some of the storage
  • Open shelves to have access to Cable/Video equipment
  • Something painted and stained wood (which would be easily accomplished since I would be making it)
  • Something manageable for me to build; Nothing too elaborate

So with these requirements in mind, I found a pattern I liked from, her Gandy Sliding Door Console design and modified it to the dimensions I needed.  That’s the beauty of making projects myself, I can change the size, change the colors, change the style to what I want and more what I am looking for.iPhone Photos 2-2-2018 2208

iPhone Photos 2-2-2018 2201

The entertainment center project was a process as any project is of this size but bit by bit it all came together.  Construction wise it was pretty easy and simple.  I created a framework for the top and bottom out of 2x4s.  One of the changes I made to the instructions (and one of my favorite parts of the piece) is the ‘waterfall’ wood top that carries down the sides.  It’s a perfect feature to make it a little more classic and modern instead of the 2x rustic planks of the farmhouse style the instructions would have me do.  This is sleek and sophisticated.

After the framework and sides were attached I created the face frame of the cabinet out of 1x4s with the desired opening sizes.  I wanted the doors on the outside with a slightly larger opening in the center for the TV/video equipment.

The bottom shelf was simple using 1x8s that set down in behind the face frame and was iPhone Photos 2-2-2018 2341supported by the framework on the bottom.  The center shelf was also constructed out of 1x8s and supported by 1x2s that were mounted cleverly behind the face frame and cleats on the side for additional support to prevent the shelf from bowing and tipping.
The doors could have been made many different ways as well but I used some left over pieces of particle board and ¼” plywood.  I made the doors imitate the doors and board/batten  I am planning for the Murphy Bed and bookcases.  Also with the simple design it helped stick with the more classic look I was going for…Not for lack of liking many different options out there.

The last think to complete the entertainment center was the sliding barn door hardware.  I researched many options and it was looking to be hard to find the hardware in the right size without spending a small fortune for 2 door hardware (single door seemed to be much more available…if I missed a good option somewhere please let me know!)  So my solution…raid the plumbing department at Menards for the black piping.  I do like the industrial look the pipe gives the furniture piece.  It took a little brain power to figure out all the parts and pieces I needed and it was a challenge to come up with the hardware to attach the doors but I think the solution will work.  I have probably thought of a half-dozen BETTER ways I could have accomplished the same affect but for now I am happy with it.


What do you think…do you think I accomplished what I was going for?


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