New Grove…

After two long months, this emperor has finally found her ‘New Groove’…for those of you not in love with children’s movie like me you might not get the reference to the Disney movie, but that’s ok…you can keep reading!

It has taken me far longer than I would have liked but juggling a new infant and a toddler has posed more challenging than expected.  Especially when it comes to projects.  I definitely have less time in a day to work on a project which means they just take longer to complete.  Now that baby is sleeping through the night, taking more regular naps, and mama isn’t washing bottles all the time, it is a little easier.  I usually find time in the early morning hours or after the kidos are in bed (but usually I am so tired at that point it’s hard to focus on a project, especially if it requires any brain cells!) I find I need that outlet though for my creativity and SANITY to have a project always in the works. It helps me keep my personal identity and lets me be me.  The hard transition will be the difference in time it takes to complete a project…something I could get done in an afternoon before now may take a week to complete depending on how many times I get interrupted.  I do find that I appreciate the small opportunities a lot more…it is amazing how much one can get done in 30 minutes when I know that a child is about to wake up hungry or a toddler’s attention span won’t last much longer.  I am just glad that I got as many projects done as I did before baby arrived because it is 10X harder now with a busy toddler…

To all the mamas out there…I solute you!


One thought on “New Grove…

  1. You can do it mama! That tornado you call your life wil blow out eventually, I suppose it’s just hanging on for the ride that counts right now:)


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