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Before there was Murphy…

Before the build could take place a lot of work happened.  You may have already read about clearing the basement in previous post so I don’t have to rehash that… I am referring to the long planning process including:

  • Hours referencing the THREE instruction manuals for the build of the murphy bed and figuring out the best way to layout the plywood to use the most out of the 6 sheets that are required.
  • Drawing out each step so it made sense in my head and when it came to building it would (hopefully) go smoother.
  • Building of the bookcases I plan to put on either side (or at least most of them) and configuring them to fit cabinet doors I already had and are repurposing.
  • Staining boards and bookcase tops
  • Removing base board trim around the room
  • Cutting out what I could of the murphy bed materials
  • Assembling the bed framework

Since I knew I only had my friends services for the weekend I knew much had to be done ahead of time or we wouldn’t finish. (I laugh at this statement now because I ALWAYS think projects won’t take as long as they do…hahaha…THEY.ALWAYS.TAKE.LONGER!)

Even with all the prep work done ahead of the build weekend there was still a lot of work to do.

One thought on “Before there was Murphy…

  1. OOOhhhhhh, can’t wait to see how the Murphy bed turns out! 😉 More importantly, how it’s filled/staged. How are the shelves holding up?


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