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…Meet Murphy!

BookletsBuild weekend came and went in a flash!  The Easy Murphy Bed hardware I purchased had an entire book series dedicated to the build…one specifically for making all the board cuts.  We started with cutting all the boards needed for the Murphy Bed. As you can see there were a few (see below).  Book One for all the cuts got ripped up because we kept getting confused because it had instructions for two different options for building materials…one for all plywood construction and one for all particleboard constructions. And of course I confused it even more by doing part plywood and part particleboard. (For those who know me…you shouldn’t be surprised by this!)

MB Board Cuts

Then came the booklet two for “pre-assembly” and attaching the hardware which required a lot of measuring and double checking on our part to make sure we got it right the first time.  One wrong drill mark and it could of required buying a whole new piece of plywood, which I would rather not do.

The final booklet was the instructions on how to put all the pieces together.  I have to say the instructions were pretty straight forward for the most part.  There were a few areas we found mistakes or things we questioned but the end result turned out pretty fantastic. Of course there were a few more extra steps with applying the desired board and batten pattern on the face of the Murphy Bed. And then there were the bookcases on both sides that needed to be built and placed. I added the stained boards to the back of each upper bookcase to match the vertical entertainment center accent wall.  I also added a stained board to the top of the Murphy Bed to finish that off and give a space for accessories to sit.  There is also the job of painting the entire piece (eventually I will paint the interior of the Murphy Bed box).

A couple of things we ran into was making sure everything was square so the face set into the Murphy Bed box.  Honestly I think we might have started with a piece of particleboard that wasn’t square and that caused the issue.  The other issue was after ‘testing’ out the Murphy Bed the face actually fell off which required a lot of back stepping to fix it.  In the end it just required more glue and longer screws.  Another thing would have been to use plywood for the whole project instead of particle board for the face, but live and learn.  After our correction it functions just how it is supposed to.

TA DA!! Meet Murphy…

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