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Murphy All Dressed Up…

I am sure every woman goes through this…where you get so sick of the same “ho-hum” that a drastic change is needed to break the slump. Usually the easiest and least expensive is a new hairstyle, cut, or color, a new nail polish or a fantastic pair of shoes….but this time a haircut wasn’t going to cut it (“puns, the lowest form of comedy” my husband would say…haha!), so I have been going room by room in my house and getting rid of ‘old’ accessories (ones I have had FOR.EV.ER! and that I am sick of looking at), moving accessories around giving them new life, and changing out artwork.  But doing it all at once is expensive so it’s been a slow collection of décor.  A lot of my accessories are pieces that I make ‘work’ because I have them, but I feel like I am at the point in my life where I figured out a true style and will get specific accessories to match. I am also taking the minimalistic approach.  Since I have a toddler and a future wrestling partner for him, I figured the less things I have on tables and shelves the less there is to break…right!? In theory anyway.

For Murphy I have collected a few things and pulled some items from other places in the house and still have some things to replace (like that basket!). Even as I write this I can think of about 8 things I want to change, replace, tweak, or buy, but for now it’s definitely a change and a breath of fresh air to have it “semi” furnished! Who knows, by the time I move on to the next room to re-furnish I probably will think of 8 other things too…the struggle!


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