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…Final Basement Before and AFTER!

Since sometimes the process takes so long it’s hard to remember how ‘bad’ a space was before you started.  That’s what makes Before & Afters so exciting to me!

iPhone Photos 2-2-2018 2256AFTER - Pano

This wasn’t a “full remodel’ in the sense that no walls were moved, no major construction, didn’t change trim/doors/windows (for now), it was basic aesthetics and functionality of the space that was changed. It turned an oversized room into a multi-functional room providing a space for guests to stay and relax.  This room has gone from dark cave like walls to lighter shades of gray to brighten the space and accented with wood stained.  It now has a focal point in the space, two actually…one with the entertainment center and one for additional storage and guest sleeping.  It helped divide the large space up, visually giving the room separation and ‘spaces’ with in the room.  Overall it certainly helped increase the value of the space in my mind and made it our own!

There are still things that need to be done in the space, like refresh the artwork, reupholster the armless chair, make new pillow covers, eventually change the coffee table, change out the light fixtures, and add in a couple of accessories but for now it is FAR BETTER than the cave it was before.


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