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‘ROCK’ Wall Accent…

Another project on my resolution list was installing a rock wall behind our family room television.  It is what I had envisioned when we bought the place.  There are a lot of large walls in our family room and only one with a window.  So the walls were begging for something to dress them up.

The first few months of moving in the walls were painted and I built floating shelves with the thought I would put rock as the back drop to the TV.  But it sat empty for almost two years with nothing until I found the ‘rock’ that I wanted to use.  Actual slate/stone/ledgestone was shockingly cheaper per square foot, but the vinyl sheets of faux stone was easier to install, didn’t require any additional tools that we didn’t already have, and wouldn’t damage the wall if we ever decided to change the space.  The vinyl sheets are intended to be used on exteriors of homes but nothing says it can’t be used inside, right?!

So after a long hard day of measuring, figuring, and re-figuring (and LOTS of ‘little’ help from our biggest helper) we installed the whole section in an afternoon.  The section is only about 6’6” x 6’6” and went smoothly once we figured out how we were going to stagger the repeat pattern.  The end result was exactly what I had pictured and makes me wish I had done it sooner!

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p.s. It also makes me wish it was a fireplace that we could cuddle up infront of in the fast approaching winter days, but hot cocoa will do the trick!

Some of the “big projects” are getting checked off the list…but there is much more to be done!


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