I sit down tonight and ponder the question everyone is asking themselves these days…”what are you thankful for?”

Of course the first things that come to mind are the standard answers…fantastic supporting husband, 2 adorable boys, loving family, awesome friends, etc…but what is something I am thankful for that I haven’t considered?

The answer:

I am thankful for OPPORTUNITY!

>>Without opportunity I wouldn’t have got the invite to visit my friend one weekend and meet my future husband.

>>And without him I wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the shenanigans of my two little ones.

>>I wouldn’t of had the opportunity to move to a new town and take on a whole new adventure

>>If it wasn’t for the new town I wouldn’t of had the opportunity to turn my “hobby” into a small business.

>>If it wasn’t for that by chance opportunity of walking into a small business one day, I might not of found my potential and learned what my abilities are.

So this year I am thankful for ALL the OPPORTUNITIES I have had that got me where I am today!

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving!🦃

What are you thankful for this year?



Small Business Saturday—November 24th!

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