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Years Reflection***

It’s that time of year to take a second to look back on this year’s accomplishments.  It’s easy to think “I didn’t accomplish anything because I still have things on my list” BUT I did get a TON of things done this year (including a bunch I haven’t even posted about yet!)

If you recall my New Goals post, I had an entire list of things to accomplish.  Here is what I completed…

  • Painted and rearranged basement family room
  • Custom built and installed a Murphy Bed with additional storage
  • Completed a basement accent wall for interest and built an entertainment center
  • Designed and completed a new nursery for baby
  • HAD.A.BABY! …honestly that’s a big enough project for one year right there!
  • “Rock” wall installation
  • Kid’s Activity Table
  • Kids Toy bins
  • Dozens of refinished, refurbished, and handmade projects for my booth at Furnishings

Even though this wasn’t everything on my list, it is still quiet the accomplishment (at least that is what I keep telling myself).  This year has had plenty going on and 2019 doesn’t seem to be slowing down and neither do my ambitions.

Happy New Year…Bring it on 2019!

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