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REFRESH & ORGANIZE is the theme I am going to have for this year.  With two little kids and what seems to be less and less time for everything these days, it is a necessity to be organized.  I will be the first one to admit I strive to be organized and love nothing more than when everything is in its place but I am not the best at continuing to stay organized.  So that will be a personal goal for this year along with becoming more minimal in the things that I need. 

Goals for this year would be:

  1. Organize files safely in new storage cabinet
  2. Better organize the storage room
  3. Install organizational closet systems in our entry closet
  4. Organize guest room closet to be useful storage instead of a storage for all the things we don’t know what else to do with
  5. Create better storage for seasonal gear
  6. PURGE then refresh artwork and accessories/decor throughout the whole house
  7. Reupholster a vintage couch
  8. Reupholster a vintage arm chair
  9. Reupholster an armless chair
  10. Completely redecorate the sitting room to be a room I am proud of being the front of the house (the first room you see) instead of a room that makes me shake my head every time I sit in it for more than 10 minutes. Project requires painting walls, rearranging furniture, painting furniture, new end tables, desk (?), new curtains.
  11. (The ominous “I’m going to lose 10 pounds” resolution is upon everyone this time of year, or at least for the next couple of weeks) but we do need a workout space and I have just the corner for it!
  12. Update our 90s – not kid safe – metal railing between our kitchen and family room.  Need to make it more ‘us’

If I accomplish all of this in a year it will probably be a miracle but it’s good to have goals…right!?

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