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3 Steps to get Organized…

It’s funny that I am writing this because I am the worst when it comes to being organized.  I strive to be organized and love nothing more than everything in its place (like you see in the magazines), but before I know it, I turn around and there are ‘piles’ of something that doesn’t have a home.  I am notorious for piles and putting things places they don’t make sense OR (my all-time archenemy) putting the same thing in multiple places. This only adds to my frustration of not being able to find anything when I need it. Spaces have to completely frustrate me in order to do anything about them.  Could be because I have to know where it would work best and how I want to use the space before jumping in and organizing it all (I am a neurotic planner like that).  But that is what I have been working on the last 3 weeks!

After thinking about what I did to organize my spaces…I broke it down into 3 helpful steps to get organized.

FIRST, identify what the piles consist of…

  • Grouping like items and thinking of the most practical place these items can be stored. For instance,
  • Identifying the items that are in multiple locations

Things that were adding up for me were:

  1. Finished items that could go to the store and were ready for sale but I don’t have space for in my booth yet – Some was in the garage getting covered in dust or buried under wood projects, some was throughout the house, and some was stored in totes.
  2. Additional craft items; i.e. foam for upholstery, pillow forms, wreaths, cricut and supplies, Styrofoam forms, floral, batting, etc.  It’s not craft supplies that I use on a daily basis or for every project so it was here, there, and everywhere.
  3. Fabric – I had 2 carts and a tote of different fabric.  It needed ONE location, for my sanity.
  4. Hats, mittens/gloves, outdoor play items, shoes, boots, coats, mops, brooms, winter gear, etc.  A typical front entry closet but things were everywhere and there were things I didn’t even know were in there….Any of this sound familiar?
  5. Gift wrapping supplies…in my defense everything was all in the room, but it was a jumbled mess of bags, tissue paper, bows, labels, boxes, paper, etc.

SECOND, what current spaces are frustrating you because they do not function the way they should?

  • Guest Room Closet; honestly, who uses a closet when they visit someone for a weekend, NO ONE! It was a storage closet that was crammed packed with unlabeled totes and kids toys they have grown out of. So even if you did visit, you couldn’t hang anything anyway….sorry guests!
  • Storage Room; This room has been organized over and over again, but somehow keeps getting bombarded with things that don’t have a ‘home’.  It’s easy to do…”company’s coming over throw it in the storage room I’ll deal with it later”…ever heard those words come out of your mouth before! GUILTY!
  • Front Entry Closet; I hated when my kids spilled something that would require the broom and having to fish it out of this closet because 6 things that I didn’t want would inadvertently come with it (shoes, the mop, it would get tangled in a hanger, knock a hat off the top shelf, etc.)  I would struggle like those poor people do in infomercials. Sad, but true!

**There are more spaces but for now these were my top 3 eyesores and centers of anxiety!**

THIRD, devise a plan that can benefit or solve problems from the first and second steps!

  • What can the spaces I am frustrated with be used for? Am I using the closets full potential? Are the items that are in this space the best use of the space? And the BIG QUESTION: would I look for this item HERE???
  • Create more useable space by installing more shelving or a customizable closet unit that can be tailored to your needs.  I have learned to go to my friend and professional closet guru for this!!  She has FANTASTIC ideas on how to use a closet better….and she has seen it ALL so I am not too embarrassed to show her my closets anymore!
  • Go through spaces and get rid of unwanted or unused items.  Those items can be sold or donated!
  • Properly solving frustrating spaces and putting them in the proper location can eliminate the ‘piles’ around our house.
  • Put like items together – It helps to visually see how much space you will need in order to store those items.  For instance I did not realize how many pillow forms I had until I started pulling them from the 3 different locations I had them in.  OR I found totes that were only half full so it was taking up twice as much space as it needed.

So today I leave you with my before pictures, as embarrassing as they may seem.  I promise the “good stuff” is next!

Do you have closets that look like this?

Happy Organizing…

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