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Front Entry Closet REVEAL…

This was my non-functioning front entry closet that was straight out of an infomercial and was the one that made the biggest change for me in my day-to-day life.  From the before picture it is really hard to tell what this closet is supposed to be functioning as. 

What I needed my closet to do is hold:

  • Coats and seasonal wear
  • Shoes and Boots
  • Hats, mittens, and caps 
  • Outdoor Supplies (Swim gear, bubbles, baseball supplies, skates, chalk, etc.)
  • Stroller and Wagon (because the garage has limited space and is always dusty)
  • Cleaning supplies like mops, brooms, and shoe polish.

In order to get that much function out of one closet I knew I needed to install a custom closet system because one long shelf wasn’t going to be enough.  With the help of my ‘professional’ friend who is a closet guru, the design was perfect to solve ALL my storage problems with this closet.

First we took everything out and then I went through items to get rid of unwanted/unused items to sell or be donated.

Then took out old shelf, closet rod, and scrap carpet on the floor (gross!). If I had more time I would of repaired the wall where the existing shelf was caulked into place, scuffs would have been painted over etc. but most of the new closet system was going to cover it anyway.

Finally assembled and installed the new system (with plenty of ‘little’ help!). You can also see the disaster that occurs when you empty a closet into your living room. (*Palm to forehead*)


TaDa!! The big REVEAL! Clean, organized, functional, and a space I am now happy to use!

It is so easy now to go in and get what I want without something else falling out with it and the doors close all the way because nothing fell in the way because everything is off the floor! It is so much easier to keep it organized too.

Did that motivate you to organize a closet?

3 thoughts on “Front Entry Closet REVEAL…

  1. Awesome closet makeover! This is making me so inspired to declutter and clean my bedroom closet. I love how you sketched out how you wanted it to be before you began.


    1. Thank you! I’m a planner so I like to sketch my ideas out so I have a game plan on how I would like it to go together. Seems to make install and organizing easier! Happy organizing!


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