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…Final Basement Before and AFTER!

Since sometimes the process takes so long it’s hard to remember how ‘bad’ a space was before you started.  That’s what makes Before & Afters so exciting to me! This wasn’t a “full remodel’ in the sense that no walls were moved, no major construction, didn’t change trim/doors/windows (for now), it was basic aesthetics and… Continue reading …Final Basement Before and AFTER!

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Murphy All Dressed Up…

I am sure every woman goes through this…where you get so sick of the same “ho-hum” that a drastic change is needed to break the slump. Usually the easiest and least expensive is a new hairstyle, cut, or color, a new nail polish or a fantastic pair of shoes….but this time a haircut wasn’t going… Continue reading Murphy All Dressed Up…

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The Great Wall…of Entertainment!

Phase 2 of my BIG Basement Project is to add some much needed character to the space.  Since this is a basement with no windows (other than the small transom window in the corner that got covered up by the deck when it was installed…ugh!) and low ceilings, just 3 HUGE walls of nothing…no colorful,… Continue reading The Great Wall…of Entertainment!