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Multi-Functional Kid’s Table…

Besides the Toy Bins another Christmas ‘gift’ my toddler received was a kid’s play table.  I searched Pinterest for ideas and narrowed it down to 3 table options, all of which had features I liked but not all in the same table.  So since I was making the table anyway I thought I might as… Continue reading Multi-Functional Kid’s Table…

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Design and Function…Toy Bin Tutorial

Since my child is only coming up on 2 years old, I felt this last Christmas I could get away with giving him more functional gifts than unnecessary abundance of toys (especially since he has PLENTY)…Because he has so many is the reason for this tutorial on how to build toy bins anyway. The baskets… Continue reading Design and Function…Toy Bin Tutorial

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To Organize or To Organize…Not even a question!

Most of my work takes place in our two stall garage. The garage looks big until it has to start functioning as a garage holding our vehicles, a workshop where I make my creations, paint/restoration area, AND additional storage. It works great for one of those things at a time but to have it do… Continue reading To Organize or To Organize…Not even a question!

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The Project that Started it ALL

Before we even moved to our new house, the interior designer in me started to envision what each space could look like.  From memory and referencing the home listing photos, I drew out plans and found inspiration in Pins on Pinterest, magazine clippings, and making my own “improvements”.  One of the first rooms I designed… Continue reading The Project that Started it ALL